Integrate with the 3rd party apps your customers already use.

Instantly connect your LSP with the apps your customers are already using. Automate the content collection process and delivery and deliver projects up to 4x faster.

Get your first integration setup in 24 hours (or less)

Connect your LSP to these apps (and more) in 24 hours or less:

The Current LSP Project Workflow Process Is Broken…Here’s why:

Losing deals and clients because of missing integrations – Clients demand integrations with the tools they’re using so they don’t have to send over content manually

Re-Active content collection – PMs have to wait until clients submit content instead of new content automatically being sent to PMs

Slow Translation Times Resulting in High Client Turnover – Clients are expecting faster and faster translation times. If translations take too long, they start looking at other solutions. 

Too Much Work for Clients – When clients have a new project, they need to send it to you in the right format, then reformat it once they get it into the right format.

Too Much Opportunity for Mistakes In Translation – Too much reliance on PMs and Client to make sure the content gets translated and uploaded correctly. Errors and mistakes lead to unhappy clients. 

Competing on Price for New Tenders, Instead of Quality – Margins are already low on big projects. LSPs are lowering prices on Tenders to compete and client end up picking the lowest price LSP

Acquisitions Take Too Long and Don’t Increase Revenue – To increase revenue and grow in the market, LSPs start looking to acquire. But acquisitions are costly, time consuming and often don’t even justify the cost. 

Locale Eliminates the Biggest Challenges for LSP Growth

Integrate with the apps your customers are already using

Clients upload content to their app and the translation is triggered automatically. Once the content is translated into the target languages, it’s reuploaded into the client’s app in the right format.

Automatically detect and translate new content

Instead of waiting for clients to send content that needs to be translated, with built-in integrations all content will be translated automatically into the target languages. No more waiting and wishing for content to be sent, and content gets translated before they even ask for it.

PMs capacity increases from 8 projects a day to 80 - without increasing workload

Instead of manually collecting, organizing and sending the content to translators, the content is detected and sent automatically. Project Managers spend less time on project management and co go from managing 8 projects a day to 80.

LSPs with built-in integrations add at least $1MM to their revenue

Connect directly with client data sources

Automatically detect new content changes

Trigger translation workflows automatically

Publish translated content directly to data source

Discover how Locale makes adding new languages, new features, and incremental updates a breeze

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Locale Already Provides Connects With The Following Apps:

Locale connects you with your client’s data sources, detects content changes, reformats and publishes content for you.

Close more deals and recover lost revenue

Go from 120 minutes per translation to 4

Eliminate 90% of the error prone manual translations process 

Onboard new customers 2x faster 

Deliver complex translations in 48 hours or less

See 5x translation speed and get 50% more capacity from your current team 

Increase customer lifetime value 

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LSPs: Be up and running with connectors that automate content collection and delivery in days.

Pay per translation. No hidden fees. No setup costs.