Hello, we’re Locale! 👋

We’re a globally distributed team of entrepreneurs, self-confessed tech nerds, and language geeks.
As a group of polyglots (both the human and the programming language kind), we’ve been building localization software and multi-lingual apps for over 15 years, but we were never satisfied with the workflows and complications of marrying the world of tech with the world of translation
So we decided to do something about it :
We made it our mission to provide the simplest way for businesses to make their apps multi-lingual, and to multiply their profits in the process.
We’d love to show you how that works!
Our values are multi-cultural, borderless, international and above all, positively human.
Book a demo for a chance to see how we can help you translate your app, or stop by at one of our offices for a coffee and a chat.
🚀 Happy Localization!