Native Translation

Flawless localization, time and time again

Finding a translator that can capture a text’s essence and tone of voice is not easy as each language has its unique set of colloquialisms and idioms.

This is where Locale comes in. Our process combines innovative tools and techniques that consistently deliver high-quality, Native Translations.

Native Translation

Why Go Locale

Customized to Your Organization

Locale’s services are tailored to your organization. We perform rigorous research to obtain a deep understanding of your products, services, and industry so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Consistent, Streamlined Process

The more translations our system performs, the better it speaks your customers’ language. We reuse industry-specific terms and similar terms to ensure you stay consistently on-brand.

100% Accurate

We combine people and technology to capture your exact tone of voice, vocabulary, and colloquialisms and deliver translations with exact matches according to industry best practices.

The Locale Way

Our mission is to continuously deliver high-quality translations that are not only accurate but also sound harmoniously native.

Using different CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation), our team runs hundreds of tests on each translation to detect the most granular spelling, grammar, and formatting issues.

We also check that unique content such as names, terms, and markup remain intact.

Expert Localization

Expert Localization

We assign your organization a team of experts who cover every aspect of your project’s linguistics.

A Business Linguistics Expert will help establish your voice while our team of analysts research your market and provide you with a written overview of your company, including its values, products, and unique selling propositions.

Finally, a manager who understands your line of work will review your content to ensure each translation’s soundness.

Tech Translations

Tech Translations

Translating technology-related content requires subject matter expertise so that terms, names, and code remain unscathed.

Locale’s translators possess technical knowledge to ensure an exact match in over 100 languages.

Oh, and since they are native to your target language, they know how to seamlessly apply correct colloquialisms, jargon, and code formatting.

Managed Glossary

Managed Glossary

One of our many local translators extracts industry-specific terms from your content, including unique jargon, abbreviations, and product names, and adds them to your company’s Managed Glossary.

Defining these terms is the cornerstone of Locale’s localization process and is how we consistently sound native in each translation.

With every project, your managed glossary expands, homogenizing your language across your entire brand.

ISO Assured

Get ISO Assured

Our highest level of translations, on par with the International Standards Organization who sets industry best practices (ISO-17100).

When you Get ISO Assured, a second translator reviews your translations and checks that all the ‘t’s are crossed and all the ‘i’s are dotted for the very best translation quality available.

Dedicated Localization Manager

Dedicated Localization Manager

We assign a dedicated Localization Manager that speaks your language and knows your business inside out.

They are your go-to-person for every translation-related issue and ensure a smooth and efficient process.


Our translators – Qualified, Translation Experts (strictly no BOTs!)
Our process – An efficient, fully managed, streamlined, and repeatable translation process, continuously of the highest standard.
Our translations – Accurate, consistent, persuasive, and on-brand translations. Any language, anywhere.
Your operational efficiency – Save time and cost on hiring and managing translators.

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