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Calling all experienced, professional translators and language experts – We want to hear from you!

Why You’ll Love Working With Locale

Locale is the perfect combination of tech and translation.

The concept is simple: we plugin to apps and localize the content.

We do this remotely across 60+ languages with the help of expert translators, so no matter your language or location, if you fit our application requirements, we’d love to hear from you!

We set up Expert Client Briefs, and Client Term Bases so that our translators are equipped with enough information and context for each project. These documents also ensure consistency of terms and tone of voice across all of the clients’ projects.

Due to the nature of our work, there may be times where translators who work with us are assigned a project that contains HTML, or other coding languages. Because of this, knowledge of HTML, or a background in programming or developing can be a really advantageous tool when working with us.

Our Process

4 steps to ensure high-quality translations – every time!

1. Reception

Translatable content is received through our Automated Pipeline

2. Translation

Expert Client Brief and Term Base are shared with Human Translators who translate and localize the content

3. Quality Assessment

The content is proofread, reviewed, and edited (if necessary) by a second Human Translator. It then goes through some final internal checks

4. Delivery & Payment

The translated content is delivered via the Automated Translation Pipeline, and all the involved translators receive their payment

  • Great outsourcer! Timely payments, very responsive PMs. Just great!
    Vadim Kadyrov
    Russian Translator
  • “Working with them was a very nice experience. Friendly and helpful PM and interesting project. I would definitely collaborate with them again in the future.”
    Óscar Pardo
    Spanish Translator
  • “A very positive collaboration experience. Friendly communication, clear instructions. Thanks Locale!”
    Stanislav Lemesev
    Russian Translator
  • “The Project Manager is very nice and very organized. Project was really interesting and instructions were crystal clear. Payment was fast too. I certainly would like to work with Locale again!”
    Lucas Felix dos Santos
    Brazilian Portuguese Translator
  • “The Project Manager is super nice and helpful, a great professional. Fast payment without issue. Thank you Locale!”
    Paula Querol
    Spanish Translator
  • “Working with Locale has been an incredible experience - the projects are organized, and the support team is always ready to help. I would definitely recommend Locale to other translators!”
    Christopher Ruppenthal
    Brazilian Portuguese Translator
Professional Translator Application

Application Guidance

Our application form plays a critical part in our selection process, so it’s super important that you complete the form as fully and accurately as possible.

Locale’s recruitment criteria for translators require our applicants to satisfy one of the following:

  • A higher degree in Translation (recognized degree)
  • A higher degree in any other subject plus two years of translation experience
  • At least five years of documented professional experience in translating

Please note that you may also be asked to complete a short proficiency test, as part of our quality assurance policy.

Translator Application

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