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We make your source code compatible, translate your content, and automate the whole process so you can grow your business internationally

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6.9m+ pro translations

100+ spoken languages

Bespoke software internationalization

Easily add languages to your app

Want to scale quickly? Internationalization means you can add languages and update content without impacting your development resources.

  • “Our experience with Locale has been truly first class. We basically set it, and forget it. They do the rest!”
    Guillaume Jacobelli
    CEO, Wisen

Professional Translation

Make your business sound like a local

Want to protect your brand image? Our native-speaking translators are software experts, mastering your app to provide a high-quality translation.

  • “We release updates weekly in 7 languages and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes of manual work with Locale.”
    Courtney Spurgeon
    Head of Release Team, Socrata


Keep content up to date effortlessly

Is your app growing fast? Avoid localization bottlenecks by letting Locale connect to your codebase and carry out translations automatically.

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SaaS product audit

Understand the potential for your business to go global

Want to understand the potential to add new languages?

We can examine your app’s code and content to determine what you need to do to start adding new languages.

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