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Locale combines the power of automation and expert translators to quickly create high-quality translations for your team.

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Automate all the manual localization tasks

Eliminate all the extra manual localization steps like sending emails, app screenshots, and Excel sheets to translators. Locale delivers newly translated content in 24 hours and puts it directly into your app - without any effort on your part.

Ensure every translation is done right the first time

Say goodbye to error-filled translations that need tons of revisions. Every Locale native language expert receives a brief with in-depth details like levels of formality, grammatical rules, formatting, and your company’s brand so you’ll feel confident about the final product.

Reduce your developers "busy" workload

Save your developers 1 hour a day per translation with Locale’s proprietary Automated Translation Pipeline and seamless GitHub integration. Watch mountains of translation tickets vanish while your devs focus on the work they’re really paid to do.

Free yourself from the hassle of recruiting translators

Tired of spending a day (or more) searching for translators on Upwork, reviewing applications, and trying to filter out the good ones from the bad? Locale gives you access to a global team of professional translators and language experts, So you never need to spend time finding the best translator for the job.

Localize more and work Less

Setup Calls

Kick off your translation project with a 1-hour 1:1 chat with a translation expert who gathers all your company information and content upfront so your app has the correct context, words, formats, and writing style when it’s time to launch.

Translation Memory

Avoid duplicate translations with Locale’s “exact match” memory technology. Let’s say you add a button that says “click here” and later add another button with the same text, we don’t translate it again (which eliminates repetitive work).

Managed Glossary

Fed up with poorly translated content? Locale creates a custom dictionary ensuring words specific to your app are used in the right context. If you mean “shot”’ as in vaccine shot and not photo shot it won’t be mistranslated, so you don’t spend time making corrections.

QA Process

Get rid of messy formats, misspelled words, broken codes, and multiple revisions. A second human translator review, proofs, and edit translations so you have polished content ready for deployment.

Integrate Locale with your favorite apps

Discover how Locale makes adding new languages, new features, and incremental updates a breeze

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Locale is for anyone who loves...

Introducing all types of content to their users in hours, not months. Even if you need to translate a whole site from scratch, Locale releases incremental updates that can go live the next day.

Releasing apps faster than their competitors. Locale supports 150+ languages which you means you can expand your business into any market.

Native language experts who deliver consistent, high-quality translations without the painstaking revisions (try getting that level of service with a bunch of interns)

A real human translator who learns you’re app inside and out for a consistent translation with each release (something Google Translate and AI can’t do)

Saving thousands of dollars in deployment costs. If a $100/hour developer spends 1 hour a day on manual translation tasks, that’s roughly $3,000. Now multiply that by 10 devs — and the cost skyrockets to $30,000!

Our users enjoy our seamless multilingual translation workflow


“We release updates weekly in 7 languages, and the whole process takes less than 5 minutes of manual work with Locale.”

- Courtney Spurgeon

Head of Release Team, Socrata


“Locale is localization without the effort of actually localizing.”

- Josh Reyes

Head of Growth, SmartrMail


“Locale saved us time on the deployment cycle because we didn’t need separate tickets and developers for a separate deployment process.”

- Margaret Magner

Chief Operating Officer, PrepMod


“If we were spending our time doing manual updates for our clients, it would cost thousands of dollars of our time. So we quickly switched to Locale.”

- Chad Pytel

Founder & COO, ThoughtBot

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Put your localization on autopilot with a faster, simpler workflow

Locale eliminates manual translation tasks for your developers, reduces translation and project management costs, AND delivers top-notch multilingual translations for websites, apps and content

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