Contentful is a flexible headless content management platform that enables businesses to create, manage, and deliver digital content across various channels and devices through an API-first approach.

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Your Contentful content plays an important role in your organization. And when it requires translation, sending it to your dedicated language teams or LSP is can be a delicate process. It often involves converting files into accepted formats, manually downloading and uploading, and handling versions of different information. It might be normal but it doesn't have to be this complicated. And people often fail in this process because there's no control over the content, files can become large and complicated, and it takes too much time just to deliver content.


New and improved translation workflows that benefit from automation. No more time spend doing endless file conversions, file versioning, and missed content descriptions. With the Contentful connector by Locale, managing your contentful content just got easier.

  • Easy Contentful configuration with OAuth
  • Choose your languages
  • Set the frequency
  • Send it to your trusted TMS/LSP
  • We handle the rest

Key features

Easy configuration

with an easy to use OAuth workflow, setup is a breeze

Time savings

with automated workflows, no more manual file uploads and downloads.

Real-time updates

All your content up to date, all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Works seamlessly with your favorite tools

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