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Intercom Help Center

Providing outstanding customer support means speaking the language of your customer.

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Intercom Help Center provides a robust platform for customer support, messaging, and engagement, facilitating personalized interactions and seamless communication between businesses and their customers.


Intercom Help Center stands as a cornerstone for CX and support services, offering a comprehensive self-service support hub for businesses of all sizes. However, its potential for reaching all of your users is often hampered by limitations in language accessibility. This gap of user experience, and access to seamless assistance is really where your business needs to shine. And while Intercom can provide some of the translated content for you, it's not a one-size fits all solution. Especially when we consider the manual process of translating and trying to keep content consistent for all users.


The Intercom Help Center connector picks up all the pieces and serves as your one-stop shop for easy and automatic translation processing. It's designed with the user in mind, so you can keep the parts of your workflow that work best for you, and modernize the parts that don't. Whether your content is translated in house, at an LSP, or a mix of both with MT, the connection options are only limited by your imagination. And with the power of modern automation technology, not only will your content be more accessible, but it will be more consistent, more affordable to produce, and result in a solution that is easily scalable for your support needs now, and in the future. And setup couldn't be easier.

  • Add the Intercom connector to your Locale dashboard
  • Connect your Intercom instance to Locale via the secure login process
  • Choose your languages
  • Send it to your TMS/LSP/MT engine of choice Our automated connector will do the rest.

Key features

Exceptional CX

Providing a truly tailored experience for your users strengthens your brand

Content Consistency

Keep all your content up to date and consistent across your entire platform


Take the guess work out of scaling your customer success operations

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Works seamlessly with your favorite tools

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