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PrestaShop is a feature-rich open-source eCommerce platform renowned for its flexibility and scalability, enabling businesses to create and manage online stores with ease and efficiency.

In today's digital marketplace, expanding your PrestaShop store's reach is crucial for staying competitive. While PrestaShop offers powerful e-commerce solutions, its native localization features may not meet the demands of highly agile businesses. And the endless number of files sent back and forth to your LSP for changes and edits can quickly become overwhelming. This means some businesses may struggle to adapt their content for different languages and cultures, hindering their global growth potential.

The PrestaShop Connector is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking uncomplicated localization. Built with a seamless integration in mind, the PrestaShop Connector provides a hassle-free setup process. And it's flexible enough that it can connect directly to your LSP, TMS, or MT engine of choice in just a few clicks.

  • Automation sits at the core of the connector, eliminating the need for manual intervention, saving time and ensuring accuracy across languages.
  • Reliability means a fast and reliable localization solution that keep your PrestaShop store ahead of the competition
  • Customization options are par for the course. Every business is unique, and our connector offers customizable options to suit your specific localization needs.

Key features

Effortless Integration

With just a few simple steps, you can connect your Prestashop instance and begin translating in minutes.

Automated Translation

Say goodbye to copy and pasting, emailing, and version checking.

Customization & Control

Tailoring translations to match your brand or adapting content for regional preferences, anything is possible.

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